Testimonials are everywhere. On TV, websites, book jackets, blogs and more.  You may read them, but do you ever write them? Contrary to popular belief – testimonials help more than just the person selling the product or service you are commenting on – they help the writer as well.

Have you noticed how many celebrity-endorsed products there are on the market? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? I believe it is because people often buy based on emotion or third party testimonials. “Well if that celebrity / athlete / artist / fill-in-the-blank likes that product or service, I might like it too!”

But the value of a third party opinion isn’t limited to well known figures. Testimonials from everyday users go a long way in marketing of any product and in helping the potential consumer make a decision about the product.

People who teach, speak, write, coach or in some other way sell a product or service to others LOVE to get testimonials! (Trust me.) They can say anything about their service but potential clients are more apt to believe what people who have used the product or service have to say. Think about it – whose opinion do you put more clout in, the person selling a product or someone who has used it and has no vested interest in whether you make a purchase or not? Often it is the third party testimonial that makes the difference.

YOU can be that third party and create a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario. The product or service provider wins by getting a testimonial from you. The potential buyer wins by having the benefit of your third-party opinion. And you win by getting an external link to your website, which can help in your search engine optimization.

Alex Mandossian, one of my teachers, taught me a great method for giving testimonials that will be sure to get you some link love.

When you write a testimonial, answer these three questions:

  1. What your life/business was like BEFORE you found this product or service.
  2. What your life/business is like NOW as a result of this product or service.
  3. How you expect using this product or service will CONTINUE to impact your life/business.
  4. Following that format creates POWERFUL testimonials! So be proactive and send testimonials to people whose products or services you liked or found helpful. Then sign your full name and give your web address.

    Here’s to your creative success and creating Win-Win-Winning Testimonials!

    – Tara Reed

    P.S. Feel free to use my products or services as your test cases and email your testimonials whenever you like!