Do art licensing contracts fill you with fear and dread?

Do you worry that you won’t get a good deal because you don’t understand them?

Are you looking for a resource to turn to again and again to help you understand and become a confident contract negotiator?

Look no further!  Maria Brophy and Tara Reed have joined forces to create an artist-friendly guide to understanding art licensing contracts.

You will prepare your mind, define your goals and overcome your fears.

This eBook will help you think through who you are as an artist and what you want your art licensing business to look like. Learn to represent yourself with confidence and understand how to negotiate a win-win contract.

Learn the sections of an art licensing contract and what they mean to you.

More than 30 contract terms are defined in detail – explaining why they might be in a contract and the implications to both parties. We include actual contract language and then explain “what it means to you” by breaking it down into everyday language. You will learn to dissect the leagalese and know how each word might affect your deal.

Learn how and when to start using your own standard contract in your business.

Using manufacturer contracts when you are just starting is fine but as you grow your business, there comes a time when it is better to be in the driver’s seat and use your own standard contract. Maria discusses how and when to make the transition.

10 artists (& one who chose to remain anonymous) have shared their art licensing contract success stories and words of warning. They include (in the order they appear in the book) Khristian Howell • Marty Qatani • Jill Seale • Debbie Mumm • David Billings • Paul Brent • Drew Brophy • Gina Linn • Karen Embry • Kate McRostie

5 attorneys who work in the art licensing field also share their advice and insights in Part 8: Attorney Insights. They are Kyle-Beth Hilfer • Sarah Feingold • David Koehser • Rebecca Stroder • Tammy Browning-Smith

This book is a resource you can turn to again and again.

We have designed this book to give you an in-depth understanding of contracts as well as become a resource you turn to over time as contract questions arise. It’s well organized and easy to find just what you are looking for at a glance.

173 pages of valuable information to help increase your knowledge and build your confidence when it comes to art licensing contracts.

As always, there is a special introductory price for the eBook for the first 2 weeks.  Regularly priced at $87, you can get your copy for $72 if you act by Thursday, November 24th at midnight. (Yes, that’s Thanksgiving for all the US artists)

Want to learn even more about the book before deciding?  Head to for even more details.