One thing I love about social media is stumbling across new books, resources, vacation ideas and inspiration.  A few weeks ago Michelle McCullough posted a photo from the book, How the World Sees YOU [affiliate link] by Sally Hogshead, on instagram.  I was attracted to it immediately because I liked the infographic. (It isn’t in the book, I think she heard the author speak – I hope to one day!)

Different is Better than Better

Since one of my favorite things is learning more about what makes people tick and for that matter, what makes me tick, I was intrigued.  I immediately ordered the book and devoured it when it came in.

This is the first book that I’ve seen that focuses on helping you determine how the world sees you, instead of how you see the world or how you think and react.

Not only does it give you insights (after you take an online quiz) but it also talks about how to use this potentially new knowledge to market yourself, connect with others in a better and more meaningful way and more.

It’s a personal development book and business and marketing book all in one, and it’s an important thing to consider.  When you look at how many artists are trying to get into licensing and how many options manufacturers have when choosing art, what are the differentiating factors?  One would hope the look and style each artist brings to the table would be different but often there are more than one with a similar look and feel and always more than one option that would work as well as the other.

So then what?  It’s the person (YOU) and the relationship that can come into play.

People can outdo your strengths. But nobody can outdo who you are.  Your personality is the only aspect of your work that nobody can copy. – Sally Hogshead

Book Recommendation - How the World Sees YouLet me ask you this – how much of your personality is in your business or how you are doing business?  And are you leading with the things that stand out the most to others or with the things YOU think stand out the most?  For me, it’s the latter and I plan on looking at how to shift that a bit.

I’ve been leading with my business background and savvy – feeling it was a differentiator for me.  It is, and the way I look at and see things IS different than many others.  But after going through this book, taking the quiz and thinking about the feedback I’ve received over the years, I realize it isn’t my BIGGEST strength.  According to the book, my two primary advantages are PASSION (relationships) and INNOVATION (creativity).  (Making my personality archetype “The Catalyst” of the 49 options) After thinking about it I realized that while both artists and clients appreciate my business sense, I get more positive feedback about HOW I RELATE IT – how my personality, passion and honesty come through as a key factor in what draws people to learn from me or license from me.

While it wasn’t a huge surprise, it definitely got me thinking about how I can strengthen what I’m doing in my business.  Perhaps it can help you too!  If you take the quiz, I’d love to know where you fall on the personality types and what you think of it!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  If you like this sort of thing, I also highly recommend Strength Finders 2.o by Tom Rath and Your Emotional Fingerprint by Woody Woodward. (both are affiliate links) With all three you will find your strengths, the things that make you feel important (and therefore why certain things might push your buttons) AND how the world sees you.  You will be unstoppable!