I spent the other day laser-focused on cleaning up the ArtLicensingInfo.com website. In the 15 months since it’s inception, it has gone through at least 3 re-designs (including the original design).  As it has grown, it got a bit busy.  We have added so many ways to get information that I was afraid no one could figure out where to start.

Maybe I’m projecting my issues on you – I like a site that I can quickly skim and see my choices, without the need to read a lot of text.  I wanted to make it faster to figure out, more visually interesting and still get the job done.  If you go to the home page of ArtLicensingInfo.com you will see some cool graphics including post-it notes, a stack of books and a video screen that links to the newly created “Art Licensing Info” channel on YouTube.  (More on that later – sort of like ‘separation of church and state’ I’m doing some business sorting…)

“How did you make those cool images on the website???”  I’m glad you ask!

Well wasn’t it convenient that the week before I got the newly released “Cover Action Pro 2” software for Photoshop™.  Yet another wonderful find as a result of a random tweet I read one July day on Twitter.

With so many people doing internet marketing, Mark Monciardini took his technical skills and made a quick and easy way for people to raise the bar on the way they visually present products.  From book covers to gift cards, post-it notes to CDs and a whole lot more – it’s quick and it’s simple!  It is one of those ‘investment’ software products that I’m sure I’ll find uses for for years to come.

If you or anyone you know needs this sort of thing, CLICK HERE or on the image below for all the details.

(Yes, this is an affiliate link so if you discover and like this product, I will earn a commission and it will help offset the cost of my program and keep the free blog info flowing… just so you know!)

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara