I get a lot of questions about how to find agents. When to find an agent. Should I find an agent? Where can I find an agent? and finally, “Do you know this agent and would you recommend them?”

Choosing an agent is as personal as choosing a spouse.

Here are two scenarios to illustrate my point. (All 100% fictitious and names are chosen at random.)

Meet Dan. Dan was brought up in what I call a “1950’s” home.  Dad went to work, mom stayed home.  Mom cooked, cleaned and volunteered.  Every so often dad would “let” mom have a Saturday afternoon “off” to go shopping with the girls.

Dan grows up and meets Donna.  Donna wants to be taken care of. She wants nothing more than to be a homemaker and a mom.  She loves to take care of those around her and is an amazing cook.  Dan has a good job, brings home enough bacon to keep Donna and the kids in soccer gear.  Life is good.

Dan and Donna are a good fit.

Now meet Stacy. Stacy grew up with parents who told her she could do or be anything she wanted.  She grew up and found that she loved to work.  She got great joy out of her career – it stimulated her and made her feel alive.  She also wants a family, but the thought of giving up her job makes her stomach flip.  She wants to marry a man who will be a “partner” – both contributing to the income, the home and child-rearing.

What would have happened if Dan married Stacy instead of Donna? Would they have been a good fit? No way!

Finding an agent is like find your “Dan” if you are Donna.

If Stacy jumps at the the first agent who contacts her or who says “Yes” when she contacts them, without getting a better idea of how they work, what they expect, etc. she’s going to be one unhappy girl!

So when you look at it that way, you will better understand why I can’t say what agent an artist should contact. You need to see if you “click” with them, feel like they understand and believe in your brand and think they will do a good job for you.

Here is one online resource to find people you can contact:


Here’s to your creative success – with or without an agent!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  Maybe I should start a new service – Artist Matchmaker – I can become the “Patti” of art licensing. 🙂

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