Do you remember Chutes and Ladders™? It’s one of those pre-school classics – right up there with Candy Land. No reading required, good for teaching kids not only to count but that there are rewards for good behavior (they skip ahead climbing up a ladder!) or consequences for bad (uh-oh! Fall backwards down a chute!)

Chutes and Ladders™ reminds me of business in general and art licensing in particular.

Sometimes the chutes and ladders are beyond our control – related to the economy as a whole and not our individual actions.  Other times, we may fall down a chute when we neglect our marketing, miss deadlines or don’t follow up.  Really coming through for a client is sure to give you a leg up – or ladder – the size of the ladder is another issue.

Watch this short video to get all my thoughts on it and see if you can’t think of business as a game.  It makes it less stressful and more fun to see what variables you can and can’t control!

[youtube kPp7crUmJYI]

Here’s to the ultimate cookie jar for your business!

– Tara Reed

P.S. To learn more about how to license your art if you are new to the concept, check out the “Beginner Basics” audio – 45 minutes to see if it might be for you…

P.P.S.  I have no association or interest in the game but have simply used it for illustration purposes.