I just finished a little experiment. I didn’t even start it intentionally, it just sort of “twitted” out of me. Here’s what happened.

I looked at my calendar.  Eek!  In 3 weeks I will be IN the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in booth #613 hopefully talking to lots of current and potential licensees.

I thought to myself, I haven’t reached some people I want to connect with, I should get back on the phone. Goal #1: set some appointments.  Goal #2: Have them hear my voice and remind them that I will be at the show. (booth #613!)    Some people choose not to make appointments and that is ok, but reminding them to look for you is always a good idea.

Then I went on Twitter and said this:picture-9Now that is putting it out there!  HAVE to do it if you put it out there for all to see, right?

Well about 1/2 hour passes and it’s now 12:30 pm and my stomach starts rumbling… but I can’t eat!  I’ve gotten 7 voicemails and only 3 live people.  (We decided receptionists didn’t count.)  Keep dialing…

It took me an hour and 9 voicemails before I got to 5 live people.  (That’s actually pretty fast – I’m happy!)  I have 1 new appointment, 3 people will be stopping by because they are “roaming free” and 1 won’t be going at all.  I also got some good industry information and furthered my relationship with all 5 people.  Not bad for an hours work.

But the points I really want to make are these:

  1. If you tell someone you are going to do something and they cheer you on and hold you accountable, you are more likely to do it.  (And not give up so you can eat.)
  2. I don’t just tell people to do things, I actually do them myself, which is why I know that what I teach works.
  3. Setting smaller, achievable goals gets you farther than HUGE, crazy looking ones.  I have an overall goal of having X number of appointments at the show, but on a daily basis, it may be, “talk to 3 people”.  Create 1 repeat pattern.  “Chunk” your goals into doable pieces and you will be less overwhelmed and more productive.

And the BOTTOM LINE is, if you do the work, make the calls and nurture your connections, the bottom line of your business is going to reflect your hard work.

That’s all I’ve got – now off to find some lunch!

~ Tara

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