If you are on Facebook or Google + or both…  you are probably painfully aware of the “It’s been a great year” photo montages the sites are preparing for you.  They are based on photos you post and their popularity… an interesting look at what you chose to share and what was responded to.

Highlight Video thumbnailHowever the Facebook version of your Year in Review might not reflect your TRUE HIGHLIGHTS of the year…

I would assume they include great memories and moments, or you wouldn’t have posted them and they wouldn’t have gotten so much attention from your network.  But today I encourage you to do a little thinking about 2014 and what YOU consider your top highlights.  You can divide this exercise into categories or just do a quick top 5 – either way, it will be a valuable way of acknowledging your year and help you prepare for the year ahead.

So what do YOU consider your highlights of 2014?

You don’t have to share them but I encourage you to write them down, for yourself if no one else.  Here are some “Top 5” categories to consider – choose the ones that resonate and leave the rest behind.


  • Brave things I was afraid to do but did anyway
  • amazing events
  • fond memories
  • life changing realizations
  • improved habits


  • new things I tried
  • most successful projects (that can be defined however you want – money earned, publicity, personal pride of accomplishment, etc)
  • experiences that helped me grow my business
  • investments in myself and / or my business
  • success habits that are working

Don’t let your highlights be defined by social media.  YOU decide what is important, what is worth remembering, celebrating and what is worth continuing on into 2015.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  Here are a few of my “Business Highlights” from 2014…

  • Completed an amazing coaching program that has changed me in so many ways – best investment of time and money I’ve made in a long time!
  • Successful launch of the Art Licensing Academy Group coaching program – loved how it worked both for me and the artists who participated.
  • Made some “brave” (for me) changes to my licensee list
  • Did some out-of-the-box (again, for me) art that was well received
  • Revamped the ArtLicensingInfo.com site and overall branding and focus