Another great call is completed – thanks go out to everyone who submitted questions because as I say every month – YOU create the content.  So do you want to know what we talked about?  Here’s the run-down…

The burning art licensing questions covered…

  • Starting out, is it better to have an agent?
  • How long should it take to get feedback for art submissions?
  • How much art should I have on a website before trying to find an agent?
  • How many collections should I have before approaching a manufacturer?
  • Can I show past work I’ve done for clients to prospects or do I need my own collections to offer for licensing?
  • How and what do you paint each day?
  • What was your biggest lesson learn when you started?
  • Do you ever “give up” on a potential client?
  • How important is showing product vs art at a trade show?
  • Please explain “Direct to Retail” licensing
  • Where do you think art licensing will be in 10 years?
  • Should you avoid worldwide contracts at all costs?
  • What file formats do I save art in and do I send it to licensees on CD?

We got social again – it was fun to watch people tweet on Twitter and post on the Facebook Fan Page while I talked – interesting to see what strikes a chord!  Here are some excerpts –

Over on Twitter:

Excellent audio stream! Microscope or binoculars, agent or no agent, numero 12 items in portfolio a good number. Thank you!

I always learn something new in these ASK calls!

Biggest Lesson learned early in art licensing @ArtistTaraReed #1 Never give up for more than half a day.

Hanging out on Facebook:

The personal experience about the company she has been sending post cards to since 2005 and just started working with 6 months ago is inspiring.

Listening to the Art Licensing call with artist Tara Reed and Kim the WordPress gal. WordPress is great by the way. Looking forward to her interview and will have some questions for her then.

Thanks, Tara, for a GREAT call! Fun to tweet with the group, too!

Great! As always, powerful questions and answers! I can’t wait till next month!

If you missed the call, the audio replay is now available to purchase.

The cost? A mere $15 through May 1st and then it goes to a whopping $25.  Have you looked at the cost of live classes?  This is a deal… no, a steal! Get your copy today!

(Plus, to be honest, selling some audios helps offset the cost of creating the infrastructure and time spent on these calls so … much appreciated!)

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S. Wondering who is up next?

May 26, 2010

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