I was walking through Fred Meyer the other day (a regional all-in-one shopping store) and was SHOCKED to see poinsettias out!  Really?  There is no way they need to be selling Christmas flowers before Halloween – come on now…

Then I looked closer and saw what they were trying to do – they were trying to convince me that I should now use poinsettias for Halloween too!

By putting a halloween wrapper on the red Christmas flower and calling them “Halloween Poinsettias” they thought it was worth a shot… it got me thinking about how every business is always trying to come up with ways to grow.

A very seasonal business like Poinsettias managed to convince a large retailer to try to sell them for a different holiday… they didn’t convince this consumer. MAYBE if they had been able to change the leaves orange or black they could have pulled this off… but as it is, Halloween is tomorrow and the table at my local store is full of these “Halloween Poinsettias”.

I give the industry an “A” for effort but don’t think I’ll see it again next year. Of course things like this always get me thinking – what out-of-the-box idea might help me grow my business? (Successfully – not like this)

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed