Half-Drop Repeat Patterns

Do you want to learn how to create half-drop repeat patterns in Photoshop™ without having to sift through lots of other Photoshop™ skills to figure out?

Do you want to increase your skill set and provide your clients with more value by delivering your art in repeat?

There is a wide variety of products that use art in repeat – from fabric by the yard to clothing, kitchen textiles to gift wrap . . . and the list goes on and on.  Having the ability to put your art in a ready-to-go format makes you and your art much more marketable.  This book has been created for artists to learn the skills necessary to take your art and text, and covert them into repeat patterns.

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So what’s the big deal about half-drop repeats anyway? 

Isn’t it enough to be able to create a basic repeat pattern?  Being able to provide patterns in repeat will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace over artists who can’t.  Whether or not this eBook is right for you depends on how much of an advantage you want!

Basic repeat patterns are like putting tile on the floor or wall in a simple repeating fashion – each tile placed next to the other.  Basic repeats are used in the art licensing industry all the time, and are easy for the untrained eye to see the repeat.  Often, more advanced repeats are preferred by manufacturers; but you have to learn how to do the basics before you attempt the fancier repeats. 

Here is a visual example of how a basic repeat pattern is set-up, and how it looks when repeated . . .

Half-drop repeat patterns are like having a fancier tile pattern on the floor or wall – it will cost more but will be more visually appealing.  Instead of the tiles (or image repeats) lining up perfectly, they are staggered.  Most patterns on products utilize a half-drop (or ¼ drop or 1/3 drop) repeat over a basic repeat. 

The truth of the matter is that if you have already invested a sizeable chunk of change in the professional version of Photoshop™, more than likely you are using less than 5% of its features.  And where do you go to get more information, at a reasonable expense?  You can buy a guidebook and hope it transfers information by osmosis; or you can take a class that may or may not help you in what you really need; or you can hire a trainer and incur a large expense to discover what you need to know.  All of this is possible, but very frustrating in the end.

Why isn’t this information easy to find, easy to follow, and inexpensive to buy?

While there are some plugins and programs that will “toss” icons into a pattern for you, we feel it takes an artist’s eye to get it just right.

We have taken the best education from all of the available resources, and put it all in one easy to follow eBook!  This book is designed to give you concise steps for specific results – not broad knowledge.  Your time will be spent learning what you need to know . . . period!  And once you know it, you will have more time for your art! 

NOTE:  you REALLY need to have a good working knowledge of basic repeats, getting clean icons in Photoshop™ and using the Offset Filter for this eBook to be of any use to you.  You will have that knowledge if you have learned basic repeats by buying “Basic Repeat Borders and Patterns!!”

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For only $47 you will be armed with the knowledge and confidence to create half-drop repeat patterns with ease.  This digital book can be yours immediately – simply download and enjoy on your computer, iPad, Kindle and more . . . anything that can read a pdf.

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Table of Contents

PART 1:  A Quick Review of Repeat Patterns

  • Some things bear repeating

PART 2:  Setting Up Your Document

  • A little preparation goes a long way . . .

PART 3:  Repetition is the Mother of all Patterns

  • It’s time to put your designer’s eye to work

PART 4:  To Half-Drop, Quarter-Drop or Third-Drop
. . . That Is The Question

  • It depends on what you are repeating . . . that is the answer!

How about some added Bonus materials with your purchase?

When you buy the “Half-Drop Repeat Patterns” eBook, or the combination deal, you will automatically receive the following bonus materials . . .

Bonus #1 – Receive a free Photoshop™ file with scanned icons!

  • With this file, you can start trying techniques right away – no need to find and scan your own art.  Use these simple icons to get started!

Bonus #2 – Receive 8 great Photoshop™ Short-Cuts

  • All the tools and short-cuts used in the eBook have been documented on one convenient to use document.  Keep it by your computer for quick reference!

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For only $47 you will have the tools, tips and short-cuts to help you navigate Photoshop™, and create the half-drop repeats you need.  This digital book can be yours immediately – simply download and enjoy on your computer, iPad, Kindle and more . . . anything that can read a pdf.

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For an investment of only $87, you will get BOTH the 34 page “Half-Drop Repeat Patterns” eBook, as well as the 56 page “Basic Repeat Borders and Patterns” eBook – at a $17 savings over buying each eBook separately.

(To learn more about the eBook, “Basic Repeat Borders and Patterns” click here)

With these two eBooks, you will have the most comprehensive tools for understanding the use and construction of repeat patterns in the market, and can start adding icons, repeat borders and repeat patterns to your collections almost immediately.

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Artists, Rejoice!  And save endless hours of trial and error unraveling the mysteries of Photoshop™.  This is the answer to patterns and borders that leads you step-by-step, with a delightful and easy to follow writing style, through some amazing discoveries and techniques that will accelerate your knowledge and ability to create marketable images for Surface Design.  I highly recommend learning from this successful book.

Susanne Fitzgerald

SF Designs

I LOVE your tutorial on repeats for Photoshop™ – what a great investment and I encourage any artist who needs this valuable skill to check out your eBook because it turned on the lightbulb for me!



I am practicing and applying your step-by-step methods for repeat patterns and would like to thank you, sincerely.  These methods are helping me create exactly what I need for my collections.  I have been a traditional artist my whole life and am exploring the licensing market.  Your books are teaching me how to save a lot of time and therefore money.

Dianna DonFrancisco


Buy “Half-Drop Repeat Patterns” NOW for only $47!

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