Have you noticed the cool little pop-up windows I recently added to the blog? If you hover over the symbol next to red words, you can see what I’m referring to without having to click and open a zillion windows.  (OK, maybe not a zillion, but a few.)  If you decide you want to learn more, then you click and open extra windows.

What do I use? Apture.com

This is a free feature I learned about at BlogWorld and is available for any blog platform.  It takes about 3 minutes to install and maybe 10 to figure out how to use it.  Then you are all set and can have cool pop-up windows on your blog too.  If it’s good enough for the New York Times, isn’t it good enough for us?

Just wanted to pass that tidbit on… now back to creating!

– Tara

P.S. I’ll be blogging soon about the new FTC rules regarding disclosing whether a blogger gets paid or free products for promoting products and services on their blog – but just so you know, I am not compensated in any way by Apture, I just think it’s a great service! (Wait! They did give me a t-shirt at BlogWorld…)