Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. – a day when we gather in groups to eat too much, watch football, cook, laugh and give thanks.  I would like to give thanks for all the wonderful things that have been going on in my art licensing info business – none of which would be possible with you.

I give thanks for…

… the internet.

Without we wouldn’t have a way to connect via blog, social media, chat and more.  Before the internet our ability to connect with others was usually limited to where we lived or where we traveled.  Now we can click a few buttons and learn, interact and absorb so many things!

… the Ask Call experts who have been kind enough to share their knowledge with you.

Here’s a list of everyone from the past 2 years – you can get a free mp3 of the first call (if there have been a few) with them by clicking the links and registering for the replay.

… social media.

I love being able to connect with artists and more – regardless of where they are – on social media.  Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are my favorites and yes, in that order.

… 1ShoppingCart.

Yup!  My shopping cart provider makes the list – with this one resource I organize my eNews lists, broadcasts, product sales and delivery, coupons, and affiliate programs.  It’s a great service to get things done – all in one place. (here’s my affiliate link in case you need this too:

… you!

Of course, last but not least, this wouldn’t be fun at all if I didn’t have anyone to interact with.  So thank you for your friendship, your feedback and your enthusiasm.

– Tara Reed