Yesterday I was honored and terrified to be included in Monica Lee’s “Smart Creative Women” interview series.  Honored that she thinks I’m a smart creative woman and terrified that I’d come across as a complete dolt on the video.

See, like many of you have told me when I beg for 2 minute videos of how you got started in art licensing for the STORIES page of this blog, I’m not a huge fan of watching myself on video either.  I thought I’d add even more candor when telling you about this video.  I can be my own worst critic – what was the first thing I noticed when I saw the video?  That my hair looked flat.  Seriously.  As I type it I know, intellectually, that that is crazy self-criticism and I should just be thrilled and proud to be on the screen!  But there you have it – I, like so many, many women around the globe, worry about my hair and other things that in the end – really don’t matter. (I’ve been accused of being too happy from time to time so I thought I’d let you know – I too worry about my hair. 😉 )

Anyway – away from hair and back to the subject at hand.  I met Monica a few years ago when we were both exhibiting at SURTEX.  Well, maybe on social media before that but in person at SURTEX.  This year she came by and told me about this cool new venture where she wanted to share women’s stories – and not quick stories that you can put on YouTube but longer, in-depth, interviews.  I was excited to be asked to participate!

Here is my story – probably a bit more about me than you may know since I don’t think I’ve ever really talked with anyone in this way for this long for mass broadcast before… I hope you find some nugget of wisdom or something to laugh at or something to inspire you to continue on your path.

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There are lots of other great interviews on Monica’s site – many by women who license their art and many by women who don’t but have other great journeys that we can all learn from.  I’ve started watching / listening to these while I paint in my studio and find them very inspiring.

See more interviews at

Thanks again Monica – and all the other women sharing their stories that are giving me inspiration as I work!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

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