One of my favorite things about Alex’s Teleseminar Secrets class is the social interaction that goes on during the live calls.  People are tweeting or posting to Facebook – it’s fun and informative.  So if you are up to it – let’s give it a shot tonight!

Let’s get social tonight!

Here’s how it can work on Twitter:

  • During the call, add #ask to any tweets about the call.
  • If Mary says something quotable or that makes you go “A-HA!” – then tweet it! (don’t forget to add #ask)
  • If you use TweetDeck, or HootSuite – set up a column to track #ask so you can see and interact with others who are on the call.  You might make new friends – I always do!  Just remember to set up your columns to track the hash tag (#ask) BEFORE the call starts so you aren’t in a panic!
  • If you want to make sure I see a tweet, be sure to include @ArtistTaraReed – but I’ll be checking the #ask stream after the call.

If you prefer Facebook:

  • Login to facebook and go to the ArtLicensingInfo fan page.
  • Start talking. Just like on Twitter, if you hear something that makes you go “A-HA!” – add it! Comment on what other people are saying. Get to know your fellow licensed artists.
  • One advantage to Facebook is that the stream stays – it doesn’t limit you to 140 characters and people can go back to it later – almost like group class notes.

I won’t be able to be tweeting and commenting on Facebook since we don’t want typing noise on the audio and I need my full attention on Mary.  But I really hope you all connect and comment – it will be interesting to see what you you have to say and share!

So let’s take these calls up a notch and interact.  I’m excited – are you???

– Tara Reed