I just spent a few days in Boston so I’m full of history and have Paul Revere on the brain.

In 1773, there were some incredibly unhappy people in the US who were willing to risk it all to change their situation.

Let me set the scene…

It’s 1773, there is a Tea Party in Boston (the original, not the remakes going on now) and we are tired of taxation without representation.  By 1776, the people of the colonies grab whatever weapon they can muster and decide they’re through and they want to be independent. (Pretend they are artists and they don’t want to work for the man – they want to go into business for themselves.)

The Red Coats are highly trained soldiers.  They have systems, structure and certain ways things are done.  Battles are fought in fields. You don’t shoot the leaders. Certain protocol is followed.  The Red Coats are like big corporations.

Well the rebels, I’ll call them US soldiers, decide they can’t win if they play by the rules.  They have to make up their own rules. (Like we self-employed artists do.)

The US soldiers use new tactics: snipers and sharp shooters.  They kill the Indian guides so the red coats don’t know the terrain. Then they take out the leaders so there is chaos. They learn new techniques and train. Bayonettes come from France and change the way they can fight on the battlefield.

Most importantly, the US soldiers REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to be free.

They want it enough to survive crazy conditions. They want it more than the British want to keep paying for a war across the ocean. More than the British want to be beat up by farmers.  They want it and they fight till Britain says UNCLE.

So what can artists learn from this?

  1. You have to REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to succeed and be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES. No giving up because it’s easier to go sell coffee at the closest Starbucks and heck, they have benefits for part-time workers.
  2. You have to know your strengths and how to capitalize on them.
  3. You have to be willing to learn new things and adapt to what is going on in the present.
  4. You have to be willing to try and fail – George Washington knew he had to lose many battles to win the war.  How much are you willing to lose and get back up again, fighting for your dream?
  5. We should be grateful that no matter what is going on, we aren’t surviving Valley Forge in the dead of winter with no shoes, a smallpox outbreak and little shelter.  We aren’t burning ships and dumping tea in the Boston Harbor (that was a few years ago… 😉 )

The US soldiers fighting for independence were willing to commit, adapt, learn and persevere.  Are you?

I am!  Here’s to your creative success and doing whatever it takes to get there!

– Tara Reed

P.S. While in Boston, this song kept going through my head and I’ll admit, sometimes came out of my mouth!  What a fun Saturday morning memory of School House Rock in between cartoons!

[youtube Y6ikO6LMxF4]