Words to Live By - Pablo Picasso - May2014

This quote feels really fitting to me since today is the final day of the first Art Licensing Academy. I feel incredibly blessed to have had such an amazing group of artists join me on this month-long journey.  I really wasn’t sure how this format would work, how artists would respond to it, if I’d like it… you know, all those little fears and doubts that pop up when you try something new.

But I imagined it and we made it real and it was AMAZING.  (I will tell you more about it and announce the next class shortly but today I want to focus on this concept.)

In 2004 I imagined a life where I was making a living as an artist.  I had a flexible schedule and was able to be home with my then 10 year old son.  I knew I wanted to keep writing and teaching but wasn’t sure how that was going to happen – but I imagined it.

10 years later – I’m living the life.  What I imagined in 2004 is real in 2014.  I create, I teach, I have a flexible schedule, an amazing new husband and a wonderful life.  My little boy is now in college and thriving – so I can add incredibly proud mom to my list of things I’m grateful for.

I believe Pablo Picasso – what we imagine and focus on is real.  It might not be real today but if we think it and act and feel like it is, it will happen.

So today I invite you to take a few minutes to slow down and IMAGINE… what is real for you?

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed