I bet you could talk to 100 artists and ask how they got into art licensing and each story would vary… there is no “art licensing degree” and no two artists work their business in the same exact way.

License to Draw by Ronnie WalterRonnie Walter’s new book – License to Draw – is a great combination of business and story.  Licensing her art since the 90’s she has seen some major changes in the industry.  (I’m a bit jealous that she got to experience the “good ol’ days” I have been hearing about with larger lines, longer run time and bigger royalties… I missed them – bummer!)

Her fun writing style might leave you thinking you just read a fun story but I assure you – when you are done, you will have a better understanding of the business of art licensing as well.

I think it’s also pretty darn cool that she asked me to do a blurb on the back of her book!  I’ve never done a book blurb before so THANKS Ronnie – I feel I’ve arrived at some new level of… something. 🙂

As I said on the back cover (in my first book blurb ever!)

“It’s important for artists learning about the art licensing industry to have a realistic view before diving in – Ronnie delivers that and more in a humorous and easy to read book chock-full or real-world stories and examples.  She makes learning the ins and outs of licensing your art fun!  If I had more thumbs I’d give her more than two thumbs up! I highly recommend this book!”

And… apparently I really like exclamation points. 🙂

So… get the book.  Read it.  Enjoy and learn.

I have also asked Ronnie to create a little video for our Art Licensing Story library on this blog – something that hasn’t had much new content lately.  (hint hint ANYONE??)  To see more stories and learn about how artists got going in art licensing, click the tab or click this link…


Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed