It’s 11/11/11!

Do you believe this is significant or is it just a mathematically unique number?

The last time the date was 11/11/11 was in 1911 which brought with it a significant weather even in the United States. Called The Great Blue Norther, it was a cold front that affected the central United States. Many cities had record high temperatures in the early afternoon and record dropping temperatures by nightfall. This was the only day that many cities in the Midwest were able to break record highs and lows for the same day. Cities such as Springfield, Missouri recorded a high of 80°F (27°C) before the cold front, 40°F (4°C) by nightfall, and a record low of 13°F (-11°C) by midnight. The main cause for the dramatic cold snap was an extremely strong storm system that separated the warm, humid air from the frigid, arctic air. (source:

I like to believe that we make our own significant moments, events and lives.  By focusing on the positive, working towards our goals, staying open to change and new adventures, we create our lives and more importantly, our attitude about our life.

So I challenge you to make today significant – you can’t affect yesterday and who knows what tomorrow brings but you have TODAY… what will you do with it?

I have two friends who are getting married.  I’m sure there are many people scheduling babies to arrive today.  I don’t have anything quite so life-changing in mind but I do plan to focus on what is amazing in my life now and what I want to create for my future.  There are always times when doubt creeps in, negativity tries to take over or the questions from others make you think you can’t achieve your dream… I say tune that out and Don’t Stop Believin’!

[youtube 5WxPyUzWSPA]

Wishing you a magical day!

– Tara Reed