I assume that most of my readers are artistic, but what about your kids? I was just getting ready to shut down my computer for the night (yes! At the early hour of 7:15 pm – it’s true) but I found something I had to share!

Every once in a while Google will have a contest, usually for kids, for them to get creative and enter a contest to be the “Google Doodle”.  (You know, the cool way they right the word “Google” every so often.)  Well they are at it again!

The contest is open to kids, grade K – 12.  The deadline to register is March 17, 2009.  Entries are due by March 31st.  Here’s one catch — only teachers or schools can register so if your child is interested, you will need to coordinate with your school.  Here is the link for all the details:


That’s it for now!  I’m turning off my computer and want you to go encourage kids in your life to think big and start doodling for Google!