I need your help!  I am regularly asked for attorney referrals by artists starting out or needing help with specific issues in art licensing.  I have decided to create a page on this blog to list attorneys who work in the art licensing industry.  This won’t mean I’ve worked with them personally and give them my stamp of approval, but that they have worked in the industry and it will be a great starting point for artists to decide who might be a fit for them.

We have a similar page for art licensing agents – it started with the 13 agents who responded to my email and contributed to the How to Find an Art Licensing Agent eBook.  Since then, more have contacted me asking to be listed and there are almost 30 agents there for you to consider for representation.

I need your help to make this new resource a reality.  Please contact us at info@artlicensinginfo.com if…

– you are an attorney who works in the art licensing industry and would like to be included on the upcoming Attorney page on this blog.  I will need your basic contact info – name, address, phone, email, website.

– you are an artist who has worked with an attorney that you would recommend to others.  Send me their basic contact information and I will get in touch with them to see if they are interested.

Thanks so much – I look forward to your recommendations!

– Tara Reed