What did you think?  When you read the subject of this post, SOMETHING popped into your head… most likely a “yes” or “no” or a “but” statement… What was your answer?

  • Do you deserve success?  Why?
  • Do you NOT deserve success? Why not?
  • Do you know successful people who don’t deserve what they have or unsuccessful people who deserve much more?

Now take a step back and ask yourself, who decides who is or isn’t deserving?

It is YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM that is answering these questions and it just might be your belief system that is holding you back.

Mandy Evans is an amazing woman who keeps intersecting with my life and always makes me smile.  The first time was in 2008 in San Antonio when I went to a 2 day seminar about internet marketing that changed the course of my career.  That is when I learned to do this, was nudged (well – pushed) to teach about art licensing and decided to roll with it and see what happened.  (AMAZING THINGS HAPPENED – there’s a lesson in the value of rolling with it – but that’s for another post)

Anyway, I met Mandy and just fell in love with her.  She has such a kind, warm and friendly energy about her.  I really enjoyed chatting with her.

Last year she was a part of the Hello Soul, Hello Business online course I contributed to, that was created by Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nichols.  I can’t remember if Mandy and I were Facebook friends before that or are now as a result… but she pops into my stream regularly and I just love her positive outlook on things.

Mandy Evans is a coach and trainer, who, in her own words: helps people to find and break out from limiting beliefs, especially the beliefs that block happiness and success.

Who doesn’t want to break out from beliefs that limit happiness and success?

She pointed me in the direction of this great video – Deserving is a Bogus Issue.  I love her take on it and encourage you to watch it and consider… who really IS in charge of who is or is not deserving?  It might help you shift some beliefs that are holding you back…

[youtube _wyA5NIHHMY]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  Want to learn more about Mandy Evans?  Here are a few places to find her:

on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/mandyspage

on her website: MandyEvans.com

read her book: Emotional Options: A Handbook for Happiness

read her book: Traveling Free: How to Recover from the Past