Recently I’ve had a few people order eBooks then want a refund because they weren’t going to receive a printed copy.  I decided to do two things to cut down on the confusion:

1.  I went through the web pages and made it more clear by adding the following (or something very similar): This is a digital book so you get it immediately and can enjoy it on your computer, iPad, Kindle and more – anything that can read a pdf!

2.  Give a little reminder on the blog.  (That’s what this post is about.)

The only physical products we sell at are the Product Mock-Up Magic discs – the original (with only 9 copies remaining – get them before they are gone), Kitchen & Bath and Deluxe. If you order this product, you will receive a physical disc with everything you need in the mail.

All of the books are digital – meaning they come in a PDF format.

That is good because if you order it at 2 am, chances are you can be reading it by 2:15 am.  You get a digital link to download it right away – or with a slight delay if the system I use for order processing is extra busy.  The books are also interactive – the newer ones more so than the Get Started and How to Find Manufacturers as I’ve been improving my skills over the past few years.  You can click links within the book and to websites – very handy!

Audio replays come in an MP3 format and if they say they come with a transcript or Action Guide (like the Beginner Basics Teleseminar Replay, Branding Teleseminar Replay or Trade Show Tactics Teleseminar Replay) – those are in a PDF format.

SO… there you have it.  We live in a digital age and 99% of the Art Licensing Info products are digital.  We will no longer be offering refunds if you fail to read that the product is digital – it is written several times on each product sales page.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed