Last night Maria Brophy kindly agreed to be my MC for the monthly call and it went swimmingly! We had 117 people on the line! She was much more than an MC – it was like the “Tara & Maria Show” and you got both of us answering and giving our perspectives.  We liked it and just might do it again… what do you think?

In case you missed it, here is what we covered:

  • How do you overcome the fear of committing to art licensing?
  • Should you use your name for your business or something else?
  • Will Print-On-Demand sites like CafePress & Zazzle affect licensing potential?
  • Will selling prints to fans affect licensing potential?
  • If a company doesn’t have submission guidelines on their website, does that mean they don’t accept them?
  • Can you make a living in art licensing without exhibiting at trade shows?
  • What are the trade shows and how much are they?
  • Is it worth walking a trade show and what can I expect to gain from it?
  • How should I present my portfolio at a trade show?
  • What if a company says they don’t use a contract?
  • How can you tell if manufacturers are reputable?
  • Maria shared about her “deal memo” that she sends when starting to talk to manufacturers and we will have a blog post with all the details in the next few days!

If you missed the live call or just like to listen to these at your leisure while you work, the audio replay is ready.  It’s $20 through 3/30 and will go to $30 after that so grab your copy today!

IMPORTANT NOTES:  If you use Internet Explorer and have trouble with the download, try using a different browser – Firefox and Chrome usually have no issues.  Because of size limits on 1ShoppingCart I have to use this new delivery method and get multiple emails each month from frustrated IE users.  Also make sure pop-up blockers are off if you have trouble – the link you get will prompt a file download.  Thanks!  My goal is to have fewer customer service emails so I can keep working. 🙂

NEXT UP: Jill Seale will be joining us for a second call on Wednesday, April 20, 2010 – head to to submit your question, get your copy of her first FREE audio if you don’t have it and mark your calendars!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed