Recently someone posted a picture of Scarlett O’Hara in her famous “As God is my Witness, I will never go hungry again!” scene.  Well, that got me to thinking… some days we need that sort of determination to make it in art licensing.

How much do you want it?  How hard will you work to learn the business of art licensing, create the art, make the contacts and take the rejection?

It takes determination, grit and persistence to make it these days.  Competition is high, product line volumes and royalties are down.  The artists who dabble won’t make a living but those who want it and will do ANYTHING to figure out how to make it have a fighting chance.

So what are you willing to do?

Scarlett was willing to lie, cheat and kill to make sure she and her family survived the war.  Thankfully those aren’t things we need to do, but what will you do?  Will you hear NO 1,000 times and keep trying?  Will you listen to feedback that might sting and create new art that might be a better fit?  Will you invest in your education, your business, your tools, your marketing?  Will you stay up late if you need to and get up and do it all again when you feel defeated?

I will.  I have.  And I will continue to do it again and again.  Because I love what I do and the lifestyle it allows me to have.

The question is – how bad do YOU want it?

[youtube gn26pEDEhyY]

Think about that… here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed