Wow!  These monthly calls take a lot of time and devotion but they never cease to inspire me each and every month!  Last night’s call with Debbie Mumm was no exception.  Although she had never heard of my “to be as cool as” list – she’s been on it since I had the vague desire to move from hobbyist to working artist.  I’ve been trying to get through her gate keepers and get her on the line for over 2 years – so glad I persisted because I found her to be so genuine, friendly and inspiring.

When asked for words of wisdom for others in art licensing she replied,

“Your place in art licensing will be unique to you.” – Debbie Mumm

She went on to say that it isn’t a good use of time to compare yourself to others – enjoy and appreciate your path.  Here! Here!  Every artist has a different path in and within art licensing – there is no cookie cutter mold for success.  The common theme – from artists I’ve talked to and those who have done these calls is that everyone is passionate about their art.

If you weren’t able to make the call – here are the questions we covered:

  • Debbie’s talked about her background and the story of how she got into art and art licensing.
  • Was it your intention to grow your business to what it is now or was it a result of diligence, hard work and serendipity?
  • Were you ever discouraged by friends and family because of the “starving artist” paradigm?
  • Did you find your niche or did your niche find you?
  • How do you handle criticism and how much do you listen to it vs. trusting your instincts?
  • Do you think need a certain style, a look, or a niche to license? Can you just be good at drawing and designing?
  • What is your typical work day like and how do you set your business -vs- creative priorities?
  • When you are asked how best to describe your style of artwork, what is your “elevator pitch”?
  • What one bit of information or advice do you wish knew when you started out and why?
  • Do you personally use the computer when designing with your hand-painted art?
  • What trends do you foresee being popular in the next 3-5 years?
  • If I want to break into the fabric design end of licensing, is there a show you’d recommend?
  • What words of wisdom or inspiration would you like to share with artists who are in or just learning about art licensing?

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Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

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