This Wednesday, June 22nd, I will be on the air *live* with the fun and fantastic Mark Lipinski!  His radio show – Creative Mojo – airs on Toginet Radio every Wednesday afternoon.  Here is what they say about the show:

CREATIVE MOJO WITH MARK LIPINSKI is a live, two-hour entertainment program broadcast on the Internet. It’s fun, entertaining, informative, inspirational and illuminating.

Hosted by the amusingly candid Mark Lipinski, Creative Director for All American Crafts publishing and Executive Editor for Mark Lipinski’s Christmas 365, Mark Lipinski’s Fabric Trends, and Mark Lipinski’s Create and  CREATIVE MOJO is dedicated to the modern crafter and crafting lifestyle.    Infused with Mark’s off-the-cuff  and no-holds-barred humor and love of the creative spirit, the show boldly encourages listeners to discover and harness their own creative spirit by living creatively everyday.

I’ll be talking with Mark about Goal Setting – why many creatives don’t like it and the system I created to make it more manageable.  I created The Goal Wheel for Artists at a time when I was feeling like I was moving in circles and knew there had to be a better way!  Come on over and join the fun!

Listen live online at: 3-5 pm Eastern / 12-2 pm Pacific

You can also listen to past shows, read about the various guests, learn about all sorts of creative endeavors and more.  It’s going to be fun – hope you come!

Here’s to your creative – and organized – success!

– Tara Reed