“The Trade Shows are Coming! The Trade Shows are Coming!” This time of year I feel like part chicken-with-my-head-cut-off running about the studio and part Paul Revere – making sure I remember to get all the bits and pieces ready for the show.  If you are or have ever exhibited at a trade show, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about and are nodding your head in agreement as you read this!

My final check has been mailed and cashed. So my bank account will recover from that before the NYC hotel and food bills are added to the credit card.

Here’s what is next on my list to get ready to exhibit:

  1. confirm hotel and flight reservations.
  2. Evaluate portfolio and decide what, if any, new art I want to create between now and the show.
  3. Start to plan the art for my booth  walls.
  4. Order any promotional supplies, banners, etc.  Always leave time in case of error, loss in shipping, etc.
  5. Review and update my website so I am putting my best virtual foot forward.
  6. Be nice to my sister so she continues to help me each year in my booth… (I really do that but I added it to the list to see if you were still paying attention… )

I keep a calendar handy with due dates for different activities so I don’t forget important pieces of the plan.  The day before I travel is a “me” day… I plan to do whatever I want and not spend it frantically finishing art and packing.  I like to leave rested and rejuvenated – ready for some of the most important days for my business and certainly the biggest  investment days of the year!

Each year gets easier.  Less frantic, less angst, less stress.  I have it down to a system that is modified if need be or worked if nothing is broken or in need of improvement.

Wishing you productive planning months if you are exhibiting at a show.

– Tara Reed

P.S. If you are and want some help – don’t forget about the eBook & Teleseminar replay available – at www.ArtLicensingInfo.com/tradeshows.html.  Since I wrote and spoke them, I’ll let Karen and Gina’s testimonials speak to the value:

“How to Maximize Your Time and Investment in Trade Shows” is another wonderful & informative new e-book written by licensed artist, Tara Reed.

This is the perfect book if you’re an artist, illustrator, photographer or designer and are seeking the knowledge and practical steps in how to best utilize your time and money exhibiting in trade shows for the purpose of licensing your work. It’s also one of the most useful guides I’ve found in providing  some of the best knowledge in step-by-step techniques in setting up at the trade shows, exhibiting and following up with manufacturers after the shows.

Tara’s hands on experience exhibiting for years at many of these trade shows, her marketing savvy and her proven track record with numerous licensing deals gives her the insight necessary to share her methods of success with those of us seeking the same and how to make the most of our investment.

A sample of the variety of topics included in Tara’s  e-book include everything from deciding where to exhibit, information on the specific trade shows, portfolio basics – to one of my favorite topics – the “Elevator Speech”.  Once you learn about this so called “Elevator Speech”, you’ll find you will absolutely need one too…especially if you plan to exhibit at any trade show and sell yourself as well as your work! In addition, you’ll discover informative quotes and tips from other successful licensed artists included throughout the book.

Tara’s clarity and straightforward approach, including a little humor, presents all of this in a way that makes it an interesting and enjoyable read.

With sincerity I believe this book will benefit anyone attempting success in the licensing industry using Tara’s practical strategies, as she shares the honest truth of all of the “ins and outs” of how to truly “MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME AND INVESTMENT IN TRADE SHOWS”.

Karen Embry, Artist,Designer & Author

“Tara, I can’t tell you this enough, but I REALLY think you have found your true calling!

Yes, you are a very talented artist first of all, BUT….I just think that it’s even more of a perfect fit for you in the coaching arena! Your personality, professionalism and social skills combine so well for this. And I really appreciate that you are speaking as a “down to earth” creative/marketing person, ….not just another unrelated, stuffy, professional as some coaches can be.

You are perfect for this and I thoroughly enjoyed the teleseminar last evening. You also have a great relationship with your sister and she’s obviously a very valuable asset to your business. ( I am envious! )

With all of the in house experience that I have working with freelancers and the business, I wasn’t sure that I would really get any new information from this seminar,…but sure enough, I did!!!! I am fairly new as a full-time freelancer, so all of your tactics and extra information that you gave was very, very helpful for me.”


– Gina L. Wilder (from an in-house Sr.Designer / Asst. Design Manager turned Freelance Artist )

Gina Linn Designs

P.P.S.  If you are unfamiliar with the shows, here are the links to learn more:  www.SURTEX.com, www.LicensingExpo.com