Have you ever noticed that sometimes you are just in sync with things? Last week an artist asked if I had any written information or eBooks about copyright law and registering copyrights. I answered, “Unfortunately, no.”

Not four days later and I get an email from Sarah Feingold, telling me about her eBook called… Copyright for Artists. Talk about timing!

I went and bought a copy at the introductory price of $14 because I didn’t want to recommend something to you that I had never seen. (It’s just not how I operate.) A legal book that can make me laugh is a hit in my eyes. Sarah was a jeweler and wanted to protect her creations so what did she do? Became an attorney! That amuses me. She is saving us from years of study by creating the eBook – thank you Sarah!

After looking the eBook over, I will be adding it to the website and can put my “Tara Reed stamp of approval” on it for what that is worth to you. It has a great explanation of the legal terms and differences between copyright, trademark, patents and more as well as detailed information about what the different sections of the online copyright registration system are asking for. (It is a bit confusing at first.)

To learn more about the legal issues of art and copyright registration, check out Copyright for Artists by Sarah Feingold, Esq.*

Here’s to your creative and legally protected success!

– Tara Reed

FTC disclosure: These are affiliate links and I will receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  Thank you for your support – commissions help me have time to keep blogging!