I know I’ve talked about this before but here it is again – I LOVE Dropbox! A free online file storage / file sharing website, it rocks!

I have used it to send large files to my art licensing clients.
I have used Dropbox to share photos with my family.
I use it to backup and move my 1Password logins between my desktop and my laptop.
One Saturday night an artist emailed me in a panic, with a photo of her broken Product Mock-Up Magic CD, telling me how she needed the photos to do some mock-ups needed on Monday.  I was able to get her everything she needed within 1/2 hour. (Lucky for her I was on my computer!)

Here is a link to sign up: I WANT DROPBOX TOO! (disclosure: this is my affiliate link – if you learn about Dropbox from me and sign up, I get extra storage space.)

Here’s to your organized and creative success!

– Tara