While sitting in the food area of BlogWorld in October, fighting overwhelm and trying to decide what I was going to do next, this nice young man in a well designed t-shirt sat down with me.  Being shy as I am (not!) I commented on his t-shirt and asked what he did…

He explained that he worked for this company called “Apture” that has a free plug-in for blogs and did I have a minute to see what it could do?  (He also gave me a t-shirt – sweet!  My 16 year old son is also a fan and now spreads the word through the halls of his high school.)

Here is how it works… (watch the video to see me create these links & also have a few issues… we all have them, right?)  Tara Reed Paul Brent Jill Seale Cheryl Hodgson Suzanne Cruise

So, if you think this would add value to your blog, you too can add this feature at www.Apture.com.

[youtube SahodhwnxwE nolink]

Here’s to your creative & computer savvy success!

– Tara

P.S.  I figured out why a few snippet links wouldn’t work – hit the comma before “com” instead of the dot… ooops!

disclosure: I have no vested interest in telling you about this, I just think it is really cool!