I would like to begin by apologize for a broad generalization that sadly seems to be true on many occasions – “women don’t say what they mean.”  This is a real pet peeve of mine and one of the reasons I have a reputation of being “very straight forward” because you know what? I will say what I mean.

Saying what you mean doesn’t mean saying everything you think of course.  I’m not hurtful or saying things out of spite – I try to speak my truth but only when it is asked for or when a situation has an impact on me.  If you are wearing something I don’t like I promise – I won’t walk up to you and say “What on earth were you thinking?  That dress is hideous”.  No… that isn’t effective or even honest communication (well, I might not like the dress but “what’s it to me?”  Nothing – so it’s none of my business.)

I’ve had a rule in my relationships – with girlfriends, family, my fiancé – that goes like this:  SAY WHAT YOU MEAN.  If you don’t, we will assume to did and act accordingly, you get to deal with it if you don’t speak your truth.

So if I say, “Do you want Italian or Chinese for dinner” and you say “I don’t care”, I hope you don’t care.  Because I’ll assume you really have no preference and I can decide.

What does this have to do with art licensing?  My question to you is this: do you communicate clearly in all that you do in your business?

When you send an email, call someone, run and ad – do you clearly state what you do and what you want the other person to do.

Here’s an example, I say:  I create art for licensing.

The person I tell thinks, “Great.  Good to know.”

I forgot to communicate what I’m looking for: Call me when you need art.  It’s a very important piece of the puzzle.

This friendly communication reminder came to me while a song was STUCK IN MY HEAD the other day – “Call me Maybe”.  I discussed it with a few artists on Twitter and it was clear that she is… umm… well, not so clear.

She gives a guy she thinks is cute her number.  She wants him to call her right?  Why give someone your number unless you want to hear from them.  But then she says, “Call me maybe.”  Does she want to be called “Maybe” like it’s her name?  Or is she being coy, sending an aloof message of “oh, whatever, call me or don’t – I don’t care”.  It’s unclear.

Don’t be that girl. (or guy)  Feel free to enjoy the song but when you communicate – especially in your business – clearly state what you are looking for so you are more likely to get it.

Umm… if you want, ’cause, like, I don’t want to be bossy. 😉

[youtube fWNaR-rxAic&ob=av3e]

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed