Happy New Year!  It’s New Year’s Day and I decided it was a great time to … mash myself into a box.  🙂  Seriously!

WHY? you ask?  To make a point.  The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on your business.  What have you been doing? What is working and what is falling a bit short of expectations?  What you do now are things that are “in the box”.  A new year doesn’t mean you chuck everything and start over – but it could mean you keep what is good and then look outside the box for ideas that can make your business even better.

Watch this quick video and see what I’m talking about:

[youtube AZ9a0TPf99M]

Now take a few minutes to check your business.  What works?  What will you keep in your art biz box?

Now think outside the box.  What is changing and how can you make that work to your advantage?  What new skills could you acquire, technologies could you adapt to make your business more efficient, more noticed, more fun and profitable?

Business is changing quickly these days and art licensing is no exception.  If you do everything the way you did even last year, you might be left behind.  So take some time to look at your business and make plans to have a fabulous 2011!

Here’s to your creative success –

– Tara Reed