If you are exhibiting at SURTEX … IT’S GO TIME!  I head out on Friday, set up my booth on Saturday and we are LIVE on Sunday.

There is very little time to create more art.  My room is full of piles of things to pack – postcards, business, cards, scissors, tape, Advil? Check!  What shoes to wear is still up in the air…

Now is the time to get PSYCHED!  You need to bring your A-GAME to the show.  Your confident artist self!  You are amazing, talented, creative and unique!  You know it… you OWN IT!  You’ve got the MAGIC in you!  This is how you need to show up mentally to really put the icing on the cake of your months and months of effort leading up to the show…

While watching Pitch Perfect the other day (for the millionith time – I love this movie and really wish I could sing and dance…) this song struck me as a great example of how we need to show up.

Notice that we he starts singing he’s a little unsure and visibly nervous… the look in his eyes isn’t 100% confident, his voice is a little quiet… but with each sentence (verse? part? what is the musical term I’m looking for) his confidence grows and at the 27 second mark he OWNS IT!  He KNOWS he has the magic in him and everyone in the audience responds.

[youtube ZaBd32RTOJc]

BRING YOUR OWN UNIQUE MAGIC TO THE SHOW FLOOR.  You are ready. You are awesome. You are artistic magic!

Wishing you much success and see you there!

– Tara Reed