Apparently “Branding” is on a lot of minds lately. I posted about it last week and started a great discussion on LinkedIn.  (You do know there is an “Art of Licensing” group on LinkedIn, right?  It is very thought provoking at times!)

Paul Brent just told me he wants to focus on Branding on his next “Ask Paul Brent” call… date to be determined so stay tuned…

And my friend Barbara Rozgonyi, a Social Media guru if ever I met one, just did a great blog post called “10 Branding Methods – Butterflies and Rainbows Optional”.

What I love about her post is that it is short, sweet and skimable.  I can look at it quickly, get ideas and go implement.  It’s like information for hummingbirds – I can flit in, get what I need and fly off.  Perfect!

From identity design to personality to virtual and word of mouth – she boils branding down to some thought provoking questions and do-able action items.

So, without further a-do – GO READ THE POST ABOUT BRANDING.

Here’s to your creative and well branded success!

– Tara

P.S.  Barbara is yet another fabulous benefit of taking the Teleseminar Secrets class last year.  If you want to learn more about it and why I feel it was such a great investment, click here to go to my affiliate page…