I’m excited to announce that Paul Brent has put together an information-packed hour to get you thinking, strategizing and building your brand for success in art licensing.

Paul Brent understands branding.

An artist, interior designer and print publisher, he began licensing his art in 1988. Bookmarks, bed linens and insulated barware were among his first licensed products. Since then he has gone on to work with many, many manufacturers and grown his licensing business to be the 94th largest in the world, according to License! Global Magazine’s Top 100 Licensor List for 2008 and 2009.

Paul Brent is the most well known coastal artist in the U.S. He has managed to build and evolve his brand to include so much more than beach and sea life and has done so very successfully. The Paul Brent Designer brand has been in the marketplace for over 20 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

[youtube RbRR2-yx5AM nolink]

I will be facilitating the teleseminar on Wednesday, February 24th at 5:30 pm PST / 8:30 pm EST.  At only $57, this could be the best investment of your time and money you will make to help you build your brand in the market place.

This teleseminar is for artists who want to learn to effectively create a brand for their art that will help them grow their business, with emphasis placed on building a brand for the art licensing industry.

  • What to expect from a successful branding strategy over the course of the next 30 days to one year.
  • What the 9 most common pitfalls are in both a visual brand and a business brand – and how to avoid them.
  • Key strategies of branding to help you:
    • create and maintain good artist / agent relationships
    • protect your copyright
    • keep your brand fresh in the market place
    • and use your brand to attract attention in the media.
  • How to commit to your brand strategy and take the first step.

Go to www.ArtLicensingInfo.com/branding.html for further details or to see the long list of valuable freebies you will get in addition to the hour long teleseminar.

Or CLICK HERE to get signed up!

Here’s to your well branded creative success!

– Tara

P.S. Combine these branding strategies with the SEO (search engine optimization) skills you will learn on the Monthly Ask Call on Wednesday, February 17th and the impact will be even bigger!