Don’t you wish there was an art licensing psychic?  Someone with a crystal ball who could tell you exactly what to do to reach the level of success you want?

Someone who could tell you, in great detail…

  • what art to create first, second, third… to infinity – in the order that will bring you both great joy to create and amazing royalties to deposit into your bank account
  • what agent will be THE PERFECT FIT for you if you are looking for representation
  • what manufacturers to contact so you don’t waste your time on ones who won’t think your art is a fit, won’t call you back, or will send you checks so small you won’t be able to go out to dinner

You get the idea.  You may be rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself, “Tara, you are just being silly.  That doesn’t exist!”

But don’t you wish there WAS an art licensing psychic?  I know you do – because I’m often asked questions like I actually AM an art licensing psychic… or an art licensing agent matchmaker – but we will save THAT for another video.

There are basic business and creative principles that apply to the art licensing industry.  But in the end, each business is as unique as the person running it.  You get to make the rules… but you have to make the rules.  No one can tell you what is going to work and what isn’t.  It’s up to you to get as much information and inspiration as you can handle and then go with your gut and try.  You may have a hit, you will have things that fall flat. But the key to success is to keep trying, learning, adapting and seeing what works for you.

I feel that my strength is in helping artists bridge the gap between creativity and business.

I help artists take their own creativity and learn to “package it” for art licensing.  I teach the business mindsets for success and business principles and practices to help artists be perceived as professionals in the industry and valued partners with the clients they work with.  If you are looking for this type of help, look at the “Learn about…”  links in the sidebar of this blog or go to for help with specific topics.

[youtube rTdS68krD6E]

VIDEO CREDITS: (I must give credit where credit is due!)

  • Jennifer Pugh as the artist wanting answers
  • Lipstick and jewelry were generously leant to the cause by Lana Jane Brent
  • Video production and filming is compliments of Paul Brent.  They co-own the cracked glass ball… if only it WORKED!)
  • Thanks Paul, Lana Jane and Jennifer for humoring me with thiswild hair of a video concept!  If the audio is a little quiet, we did the best we could filming on a whim with an iPad. 🙂

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed