Another great call took place by phone last night – were you one of the 96 artists who listened live?  This was the third time Maria Brophy and I tag-teamed the call – giving you both of our perspectives on some great questions submitted by artists like you.

AskTaraReed-AudioSale-011613Here is what we covered on the call:

  • How do I go from traditional artist to licensed?
  • What is the first, most effective, most cost efficient exercise I should do when just starting out wanting to license my artwork?
  • Where do I find Licensors interested in my art where I get paid versus getting an agent who I have to pay to locate one?
  • From your experience, can people find success in licensing doing it part time or is it almost always a full time endeavor?
  • Since I do not plan on having an agent, at what point do I need a licensing attorney?
  • How does one know when they are ready to exhibit at Surtex?
  • Discussion about creating collections & size of art…
  • What happens when another artist imitates an image with their own work, but obviously copying the original style?

The replay will be on sale for $20 thru January 31, 2013 – CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY OF THE CALL AT THE DISCOUNTED RATE!

 Some “tweet-worthy” comments we thought we’d share from the call –

“Know thyself, be yourself!” – Maria Brophy

“Art Licensing: learn & make art, but don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. At some point you need to jump in and take the leap!” – Tara Reed

“The Art Licensing Biz is like one big puzzle.” – Maria Brophy  (“…and you don’t have to do every piece of the puzzle yourself!” – Tara Reed’s follow up!)

Some resources we discussed on the call –

Beginner Basics Teleseminar Replay – great way to see if the “art licensing lifestyle” is a fit for you

How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts – any artist really serious about licensing their art should understand contracts and be comfortable with the terminology, etc.

Copyrighting basics blog post

Also be sure to click the FAQ tab for answers to some of the most common questions about licensing.

Next up…

Ask About WordPress for Artists – Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kim Beasley will be doing her second call about how artists can use WordPress for their website, social media integration and online portfolios.  If you have website or social media questions – Kim is your girl! Head to when you are ready to submit your question.