Ask Kate McRostie about art licensing

It’s almost that time again… our next Art Licensing Info Ask call is set for Wenesday, November 13, 2013.

Kate McRostie will be joined by her two sisters who help in her business.  I’m excited to learn more about how that evolved, how they divide duties and conquer the licensing world and how they separate work from family…

In addition to the “how to work with family” dynamic, we need some questions from you to add to the mix.  I’m making it SUPER SIMPLE by putting the form right here on the blog – can you please let us know what’s on your mind?

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About Kate McRostie Designs:At the young age of 8 months, Kate McRostie was already spending time propped up in a hand painted high chair coloring for hours at a time. In addition to the natural talent she possesses, Kate took formal drawing lessons throughout grade and high school and attended The Atlanta College of Art where she attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  Kate successfully started and ran decorative painting businesses in Wilmington, North Carolina, San Diego, California, and Denver, Colorado as she moved with her military husband.  Kate could not keep up with the demand for her artistic talents so she set out to explore other options.  The opportunity to enter the art licensing market came at the 1998 Licensing Show in New York City.

Kate’s knowledge and passion for home fashions has enabled Kate to turn her hand to the home décor and gift industry with much success.  In the tradition of European Muralists, Kate’s style reflects the colors and textures of Tuscany, Normandy, and Provence. Placing decorative icons on sophisticated backgrounds, her patterned brushwork evokes the texture of sun-worn damask.  The combination of Kate’s artistic style with her ability to create collections related to current home trends allows for successful home décor and gift products sold by major retailers, specialty boutiques and e-tailers around the world.  “I feel really blessed to be using my creativity in painting and product design.” Kate says, “While there is great satisfaction in the work, the real joy comes when it’s shared with others.”

Today, Kate works out of a studio near her home in Wilmington, NC where she lives with her husband and three daughters.  She is enjoying the balance of family life and painting – including working with her two sisters, Meghan and Kristin who help her with the daily operations of Kate McRostie DesignWorks, Inc.  Kate continues to draw inspiration from God, life, nature, and the encouraging people around her.

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