76 artists listened live… a few emailed thanking me for the free replay since they still have no power from the hurricane and didn’t want to use their cell phone for an hour… that about broke my heart!  Sending my very best wishes for power, heat and happiness to everyone affected by the recent crazy weather on the east coast…

Agent Alicia Dauber of Licensing Liaison was on the line and shared some great insights about finding and working with an agent and the state of licensing in general.   I was especially excited that I didn’t have to beg for questions – keep them coming!   Since it was her first call – the replay is FREE!

What we covered on the call…

  • When are the best and worst times in the calendar year for an artist to try to pitch their work to an agent or manufacturer?
  • How would you describe the ideal agent / artist relationship?
  • How much art do you like to see and is there a way you prefer it be presented?
  • Assuming the art submitted is marketable & a fit for licensing, what other items do you look for before adding another artist to your mix? And would you represent someone who is a real newbie to the industry?
  • Are agents reluctant to represent images that an artist has posted on sites such as Zazzle, CafePress, RedBubble, etc, even if the artist is willing to remove those images from those sites?
  • Is it necessary to have top notch Photoshop skills in today’s licensing world, or can artists who work (exclusively) using traditional methods still have success in the market?
  • Is there demand for abstract art in the licensing market?
  • Is there a general calendar to follow for showing your seasonal collections?
  • What’s the nature of your interaction with your artists in terms of collection development or do you only focus on the marketing side of the business?
  • Has licensing been picking up in the past few years and what type of art are licensees looking for?

About Alicia Dauber

Alicia Dauber is the owner and active principal of Licensing Liaison, LLC, a 7-year old, full-service art licensing agency, based in the picturesque Pacific Northwest.  Dauber represents numerous talented artists who develop imaginative concepts that are unique and specific for the manufacturers who need them.  As a “hands-on” director, Dauber and her staff at Licensing Liaison are adept at going beyond an image-only presentation to maximize design capacities for a client’s needs.

Prior to launching the agency, Dauber spent 18 years with Bergsma Gallery Press in various positions including Licensing Director and National Sales Manager. As such, she oversaw the 30 person studio to develop over 1000 sku’s in product, ranging from hard goods to social expressions. Her combined 25+ years of experience in the licensing field provides a wealth of experience and knowledge that benefit both her artists and manufacturing partners.

Learn more about her agency at www.LicensingLiaison.com

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What’s Up Next…

Can you believe our next call is NEXT YEAR?  Mark your calendar – January 16, 2013 Maria Brophy and I will be back on the line answering your questions.  Feel free to submit them whenever they come to mind at www.AskTaraReed.com

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Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

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