It’s been a few months since I wrote the eBook – How to be A Press Friendly Artist.  Now I’m starting to get some feedback about how it is working for artists who purchased it and are using the information. (That’s the key – to not only read books and eBooks but to take action!)  It’s very exciting to hear how people are writing and sending press releases and getting press – sometimes it’s just that easy.

But don’t take my word for it – here are what a few happy artists have to say…

“As artists we are constantly advised to promote ourselves. Most of us could use some good press, but can’t afford a publicist. At last, along comes Tara Reed’s eBook, How To Be A Press Friendly Artist. Tara addresses everything from how to create your own images, press releases, and press kits to transforming your website into a press “magnet.” Having worked with Tara Reed for several years I know there isn’t a better resource out there. If you follow Tara’s steps on How To Be A Press Friendly Artist, you won’t need a publicist – you’ll become one.

– Deb Trotter, artist & reviewer of the eBook
“Joyous Art. Cowgirl Attitude.”

“Even though I’ve been sending out press releases for years, I learned a lot of new tricks from this ebook. It has everything an artist needs to know in one place – I highly recommend it!”

– Maria Brophy, art marketing expert, agent and brand manager for artist Drew Brophy, blogger, consultant and more!

I have read your press friendly artist book. In a word “excellent”. This is a compact, easy to use step by step guide for artists needing to learn how to gain publicity for an art business. Tara, your book makes it easy to start assembling the information and photos needed to promote an art business. I would recommend the book to any artist that wants to learn develop outstanding press releases.

Writing that first press release is exciting. I set up folders just as you recommended and then created some sub folders for subjects/topics to publicize. At first it was difficult to figure out what was newsworthy, however, a few ideas came to mind after a few days. By establishing folders with subjects it becomes less tempting to ramble on in one press release and it helps to break down information into newsworthy bits which resulted in several press release subjects.

– Mary Lou, artist
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A week after reading the e-book “How to be a Press Friendly Artist”, I wrote my first press release to promote my gallery show. After sending the press release out to local news outlets I received write-ups within a few days from several local online and Los Angeles news outlets!

– Deanna Rene Adona

SO… if you want to learn more about interacting with the press and work to get some free publicity, don’t forget about this resource. At only $27, it’s way cheaper than a publicist! Go to to learn more.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed