You’ve heard of a ‘vacation’.

This summer some clever stores unveiled the ‘stay-cation’ (where you save $ and gas by staying home and fixing up your house instead of going on vacation)

I would like to introduce the ‘coma-cation’. That is where you go and become so relaxed that all you want to do is sleep for days.  OK… so my ‘coma’ was somewhat medically induced — afraid of getting queasy on my cruise last week I took 1/2 a Bonine for motion sickness and was out cold by 8 pm.  I almost feel asleep at my muster station but did rally for dinner.  That was my trend the next 2 days… sleep, eat, nap, eat, see a show, sleep… it was heaven on water!  Oh how I needed a break!

There is nothing better than a little R&R with the one you love! BTW… my main-squeezes name is Craig — it has been pointed out that I have been ‘protecting’ his identity — for good reason!  He is so amazing I don’t want anyone trying to steal him away!

When I came out of my fog… I got my sea legs and didn’t take any medication after day 2… I found artistic inspiration in between reading, eating and napping.

I checked out the art and was able to study many different art techniques and styles at the art auctions.  They even had a 1/2 hour ‘history of art’ that was pretty interesting.

Leslie Lew, one of the artists whose paintings were being auctioned off was on board and did a few live demonstrations.  She does very textured art — “sculpted oils” she calls them. You can see more of her work on her website at:

And every night we had a new towel animal waiting for us in our cabin — talk about a piece of art!  I of course bought the book that shows me how to make 75 different animals — it is harder than it seems.  Those cabin stewards are quite talented to clean up the rooms and create these towel creations so quickly!  Kudos to the towel art!

Anyway — I had a wonderfully relaxing time and found some inspiration at sea.  I hope you have the chance to unwind, relax and look for new things to keep you inspired!

~ Tara