I’m finally coming up for air… it has been a crazy 2 weeks for me since the show ended.  I had a few new and existing clients that needed art – some with changes and new variations – quickly.  Then there were the others that had long lists of things for me to send. And the new companies to touch base with…

THAT is the sign of a good show!  

It’s interesting to look back at my 12 years of exhibiting at art licensing trade shows and think about how they have changed.  “Back in the day” you could barely leave to use the rest room and you would have several people looking and talking to you at the same time.  The aisles were packed and you went home with a big pile of leads.

The shows aren’t like that anymore… but as I have been thinking about it, that’s ok.  The QUALITY of people I’ve talked to and the potential of the business has gone up and in the end – that’s what we need for a sustainable business.

I talked to just as many companies I had never spoken to – and some I had never heard of – as I did current clients or potential clients I’ve been connecting with for a time.  Also why I believe in exhibiting at SURTEX to build my business.

I’ve signed 2 new deals as a direct result of exhibiting.  That’s pretty fast so you can bet I’m thrilled!

I also loved seeing artists in person that I usually connect with online and meeting many that I’ve only known online.  My sister was here for the 10th (maybe 11th?) year – that’s an amazing sister!  And I got to see my new coaches, John and Melissa of Ideaologie, in person and not just through my computer when we do Google+ Hangouts.  (EVERYONE needs coaches to stretch and challenge them and these two do that AND are just a lot of fun!)

SURTEX 2015-part2

Here are some links to other artist opinions, thoughts and perspectives of the show.  If I missed your post, it wasn’t on purpose!  I saved the ones I ran across to share. 🙂


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Paul Brent's SURTEX trend review and art licensing info callHave you listened to the SURTEX trend report and Ask Call with Paul Brent?

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Up Next… the Licensing Expo!

Next week I’ll be heading to Las Vegas to teach at the Licensing Expo and check out that show as well.  John & Melissa as well as Jennifer Pugh have agreed to join me in a panel discussion on Tuesday (11:15 – 12:30 pm if you will be there) about Key Factors To Consider Before Jumping Into Art Licensing.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed