* is a great new way for artists to learn to use the internet to leverage their business.

If you are an artist who is looking at multiple ways to earn a living with your art and not solely focused on art licensing, this is worth looking at.

When I first spoke to Cory Huff about this next project, he said, “As I’m starting the 3rd year of The Abundant Artist, I look back at the last two years and wonder how much has changed. The Internet has enabled an important change in the way that people interact with artists. There is no longer a need to go through galleries or collectors to get to artists – but what good does that do the artists?”

There are a few artists who have been able to leverage the web to build the lifestyle that they want. Cory has attempted to highlight them in interviews over the past two years, and hope that I have begun to affect a significant change in the discussion of what it means to thrive as an artist.

Let’s Change the Conversation Around Art

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that we can chat with thousands of people at once. I’d like to talk to a few thousand of my closest artist friends and find out what it really means to dispel the Myth of the Starving Artist.

Melissa Dinwiddie and Cory Huff have created a new members-only forum of artpreneurs and creative individuals who are all exploring ways to create art full-time. You’ll get access to vital information that can immediately improve your bottom line, and you can learn from professional artists and creatives all over the world.

By applying the techniques discussed in the ArtEmpowers Community, you’ll notice immediate upswing in views, responses and sales of your artwork. We will show you how the techniques huge corporations use to make their millions can be tweaked and re-interpreted to create your own full-time creative art biz.

Enough of me trying to explain what they have created – hear it from them at* and decide if it is for you.

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed