Before you watch this video, I encourage you NOT to be intimidated by the cool cartoon flash effects! (I know I was – intimidated and envious at the same time!) Here is Jen’s story of discovering art licensing – she’s now getting ready to walk and exhibit at her first trade shows – go Jen!

So, talk to your computer like I did, have fun with animation like Jen, but PLEASE… create a video of your story so we can share them with others.  This will be fun – if you join in. 🙂

You can send me your video info anytime but if you enter before Valentine’s Day you will be entered to win prizes!  See the blog post with all the details…

For now, enjoy Jen’s fun Art Licensing Story! Thanks Jen, for being the first to throw your story in the pot!

[youtube pO7XkWsN5cU nolink]

Here’s to great artist stories!

– Tara

P.S. A little “link love” for Jen – learn more about the art of Jen Goode at

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