I’ve admired Beth’s beautifully crafted corner booth for a few years now at SURTEX.  I believe I’ve seen some of her wall art at Target. I’ve seen her prints with umbrellas in store along the Oregon coast. And at SURTEX, I was able to meet her and sweet talk her into giving us her story on video!

A fellow Northwest artist, here is what Beth has to say for herself on her website…

Beth Logan really, really likes to draw a lot and she kisses her dogs on the lips. That should cover everything…but for those of you who would like to know more, here it is:

Beth has always lived in the Pacific Northwest. She has loved to draw since she could first hold a crayon. In fact, some of her earliest work was a mural of her entire family, belly buttons and all, on the wall next to her crib. Even after that, her parents encouraged her as an artist.

And here is what Beth had to say for herself with 2 minutes to prepare for me to press the ‘record’ button at the SURTEX 2010 trade show.

[youtube QSIXZHXN3TA]

Learn more about Beth Logan’s art at www.ArtStuffLtd.com

Thanks again Beth – you are as much fun as your art!  Keep up the good work!

– Tara Reed

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