There are many ways to learn new material . . .

Some people learn best by reading and applying what they learn at their own pace and in their own chosen place – self study.  Others like “in-person” training where they are in a live group setting with others, often from home via phone or online – group coaching.

At ArtLicensingInfo, we are always listening to what artists want to learn and how they want to learn it.  Our goal is to deliver honest and straight-forward information about how art licensing works, and help artists take action to build their creative businesses.  To that end, we provide you with the options that will work best for how you want to learn – both self study and group coaching. 

We offer a variety of products that allow you to learn at your own pace – through eBooks on specific topics, audios and more.


We offer a variety of ways and opportunities to get direct feedback from us about your business, your strategy, your brand and your artwork.  Perhaps you want advice on your portfolio and collections . . . or maybe you are in need of more advanced consultation to take your business to the next level.  To meet your need, we offer two types of Coaching:

  • PORTFOLIO REVIEW– we review your entire portfolio of artwork and offer our suggestions and recommendations to make this a viable and useable resources for licensing opportunities.  To learn more or secure a review, click here.
  • BUSINESS ADVISEMENT – if you are seriously considering taking your business to the next level, and need outside expertise in setting a strategy and direction, we offer the services of ideaologie, our nationally recognized business advisement firm.  To learn more about what ideaologie can do for you, click here.