August has arrived and September is going to sneak up on us! While some (my husband) might already be be-groaning the impending end to summer, there is something fabulous to look forward to in September…

The Art Licensing Info Ask Call with our newest guest – Kathy Davis! 9/18/13

I met Kathy at SURTEX in May and was thrilled that she agreed to be a guest on our call.  We already have quite a few questions but I bet there are more out there and want you to have a chance to throw yours in the pot.

If you aren’t familiar with the process, I collect questions until the week before each call. (Of course I GET questions up to the hour before the call but they are too late! Submit sooner rather than at the last minute!)  The week before I review the questions and decide which to include based on a few criteria:

  • Which questions are relevant to the guest that will be on the line.
  • What haven’t we discussed many times before.
  • What questions will draw upon unique experience of the guest.

And then there is just the process of making sure the hour will flow with the questions asked and the order we put them in.  If your question doesn’t make it for a call, don’t despair!  It doesn’t mean it was a bad question – it just means it didn’t make it this time. It is really important that we have lots of choices so these calls can continue to be valuable resources of information and inspiration.  I appreciate each and every question we receive!

Here’s a little video to get you excited – I hope.  My anniversary is on Sunday and my sister sent me a card… by none other than Kathy Davis!  Made me smile so big I had to create a somewhat dorky video about it! (OK – the card was signed by my sister, her husband, my niece and my mom – don’t want any of them to feel left out if they stumble up the video or this blog post! 😉 )

[youtube Q9kVUF3cnEA Kathy Davis to be the next Art Licensing Info Ask Call Guest]

When you have a question in mind, be sure to head to  Talk with you in September!

Here’s to your creative success!

– Tara Reed

P.S.  Want a little Kathy Davis now?  You can check out her website at, find her on Facebook at Kathy Davis Studios or watch her video interview with Monica Lee over at Smart Creative Women >>