SURTEX 2016 PREVIEWS… Art Licensing Tradeshow

In less than a week, artists will be sitting in their booths at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center in New York City.  This is the 30th year of SURTEX!  30 years of artists putting themselves out there, with big hopes that creative directors and buyers stop by to... read more

Artist Caroline Simas Industry Icon Interview

HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR INTERVIEW WITH CAROLINE SIMAS… We learned about Caroline’s focus and direction for her faith based brand, “Multiple Blessings.” Can you walk us through your background? How did you get started in the art licensing business? I... read more


ROYALTY RATES – WHAT IS THE STANDARD? One of the questions we are asked a lot is “What royalty rate percentage should I ask for in a License Agreement?” And the answer is . . . it all depends! You should always try to negotiate the largest percentage you can,... read more

Josephine Kimberling ASK Call Free Replay

HERE IS WHAT WE GOT TO HEAR FROM THIS WEEK’S CALL WITH JOSEPHINE KIMBERLING . . . We learned of her exciting and unique journey into art licensing, and her thoughts on her in-house positions at both Nordstrom and Hallmark. How do you balance trend research and... read more

Who In The Heck Is ideaologie?

Well . . . here it is! Our first post for, and where do we begin? We thought it would be appropriate if we used this space to tell you who we are and why we have taken on this unique opportunity. To dispel any rumors . . . no, there was no hostile... read more


7 years ago TODAY – I released my first eBook – How to Get Started in Art Licensing. I never dreamt that project would turn into the library of eBooks, audios, blog posts and classes that it is today! I’m honored to have met so many amazing people in... read more

The life cycle of licensing

I’ve talked about the “cash flow cycle of licensing” many times – how long it takes to make money licensing your art but I don’t think I’ve ever talked about the life cycle of the art. It used to be (so I’m told because it was... read more

What’s your art licensing anthem?

Over the years, I’ve found music to be a great way to stay motivated, to get through tough times, celebrate great times and everything in between. I’ll date myself now but I remember listening to the radio in college, my finger poised over the... read more

Licensing Expo 2015 is a wrap!

Last week (June 9 – 11, 2015) the Licensing Expo took place in Las Vegas.  This is the big show for everything licensing – not just art.  Entertainment dominates with large, elaborate booths and characters walking the show floor for upcoming movies,... read more

The Licensing Expo begins today!

The Licensing Expo begins today and runs through June 11, 2015.  This is the other premier trade show for art licensing but art is just a part of it. It is the “everything licensing” show – from sports to movies and tv. Big brands.   Even Mentos (... read more

Artist impressions of the SURTEX show

I’m finally coming up for air… it has been a crazy 2 weeks for me since the show ended.  I had a few new and existing clients that needed art – some with changes and new variations – quickly.  Then there were the others that had long lists of... read more

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