I’m VERY EXCITED about the call on Wednesday for two reasons:

One:  This will be the first time we have agent Alicia Dauber on the line.  I taught with her at SURTEX 2012 so I can assure you – she has great knowledge of the industry, answers questions in an easy to understand fashion and well, she’s just super sweet. 🙂

Second: I didn’t have to beg for questions!  THANK YOU!  We got a lot of great questions to choose from without me putting on my reprimand-hat.  I soooooo appreciate it!

These calls are ALWAYS FREE IF YOU CALL IN AND LISTEN LIVE! Because this is Alicia’s first call – you will have access to the replay for free as well – that’s just how we roll. (First call with an expert – always free.) There are more than a dozen free calls available too – go to  http://askaboutartlicensing.com/get-free-call-replays/  and make sure you have taken advantage of these amazing resources!

The call is at 5:30 pm Pacific / 8:30 pm Eastern on Wednesday, November 7, 2012. To figure out the exact time where ever you are in the world, please visit www.WorldTimeBuddy.com for help with the calculation.

If you haven’t registered for a call before, head to www.AskAboutArtLicensing.com to get the dial in details. (Just say “no question” because we are all set for the call)

Want to learn more about Alicia and her agency before the call? Click on over to www.LicensingLiaison.com

Hope you can join us!

– Tara Reed